We believe that inspection and testing are the operational parts of quality control, which is the most important factor to the survival of any company. Quality control directly supports the other factors of cost, productivity, on-time delivery, and market share. Therefore, all quality standards needed to produce the components of a product and perform its assembly must be specified in a manner such that customers' expectations are met.
Our portfolio is the result of our extensive experience of hydraulic pumps, including long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. It is based on a strong commitment to research and development, as well as industry-wide standards, and addresses both customers’ business and technology demand. AVS Overseas provides Hydraulic Pumps that are built to last by using only the highest quality of materials, along with standards and procedures that reinforce excellence. All Hydraulic Gear Pumps are thoroughly tested and examined before being shipped to guarantee optimal levels of functionality and durability.
The body is profiled by means of high resistance aluminum extrusion, whereas flange and cover are obtained by means of die-casting.
Gears are made of special steel. Their manufacturing process includes tempering and hardening. They are shaved and fine finished so to have a high degree of surface finishing. Proper tooth profile design and geometric proportions ensure low pulsation levels and low noise levels during pump operation.
Bushes are made of special low-friction and hi-resistant aluminum alloy.
High temperature polymer seals and backups are used.
Efficient, simple design - few moving parts
High volumetric efficiency also at high temperature.
Resistant to cavitation effects
High tolerance to system contamination
Reliable under cold weather operation.
Good hydraulic and mechanical efficiency.
Low flow ripples - low system noise.
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